Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I don't fear Obama...

...but I am concerned about the fact that the Democratic majority in congress is going to be running the show for the next two years.

Things that I'm worried might happen, in no particular order of probability or magnitude:

1) Tax hikes

2) More complicated taxes

3) Elimination of my HSA and forcing me to go onto my employer's health insurance

4) Any criticism of the president being called racist

5) Reintroduction of the fairness doctrine and other attempts to suppress dissent

6) Elimination of my employer's health insurance and forcing me to go into a national single-payer system

7) War in Pakistan

8) War in Korea

9) War in Iran

10) War between Iran and Israel, potentially nuclear

11) Higher gas taxes

12) Much more expensive mortgages

13) A draft, either military or 'mandatory national service'

14) Loss of integrity in the power delivery system, with rolling blackout and mandatory remote shut-off devices on your air conditioner and other high-power devices becoming the norm

15) 'Card-check' union elections

16) Massive new gun control schemes