Wednesday, November 12, 2008

But I thought it was for...

So, the bailout, which was originally sold as purchasing valuable if artificially depressed assets, won't even be doing that. Now it's just a general, free-for-all fund to give money to any company or industry that claims to need it.

I think we all know that any money given to GM, Ford, or any of the others that are asking for it, will never, ever be seen again.

And they're going to do it. Somehow, our government is going to come up with hundreds of billions - possibly over a trillion - dollars and pay it to any company who asks for it.

We had an overarching deficit before this all started. Now, suddenly we're spending billions more that we don't have.

If only there were a political party that was *against* giving large sums of money to private companies. I'd vote for them.